Samiramis Art was created by Samiramis Hooshmand, is inspired by a burning passion to reveal her inner desires through artistic expression, and it complements her ability to find silence and peace through art. 

Born in August of 1973, Iran, Samiramis began sketching portraits and female figures as early as age five; "I loved drawing images of pretty women in fancy dresses for my friends."  But it was during one of her family's visit to the City of Shiraz, when she was first influenced by her older cousin's work of Persian Miniature paintings.

"I was introduced to art for the first time at the age of Ten;  it was to me, a fantasy. Love at the first sight!" 

Encouraged by her parents, Samiramis then began participating in school art projects and art competitions, as well as  attending art classes every year during the summertime. After joining her family in the United States in 1997, she continued her journey as a freelance artist and explored different styles of painting. In 2008, she graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design with a degree in Visual & Entertainment Arts

Her recent works mostly embrace the female figure, its flow, modesty, and balance. "The reason for a female figure in almost all of my paintings is for me to better emotionally connect to my work."  She communicates her thoughts and imaginations beautifully through drawing a female figure and stylizing its surroundings with colorful motifs and forms.

"A new random and spontaneous idea in one inspiring moment, and the composition is already formed; it will then evolve depending on what thrills me next.. It's a very unusual romance!"