“Samiramis Art is inspired by a burning passion to reveal my inner desires through artistic expression, and it complements my ability to find silence and peace through art. 

I began sketching portraits and female figures as early as age five;  and it was during one of my family summer trips to the City of Shiraz, when I was influenced by my older cousin's work of Persian Miniature paintings. For the first time I was introduced to this kind of art; it was to me love at the first sight. I was 10 years old then.

Every year after that and encouraged by my mom, I began participating in school art projects, art competition camps, as well as  attending art classes every year during the summertime.

After joining my family in the United States in 1997, I continued my journey as a freelance artist and explored different styles of painting. In 2008, I graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design with a degree in Visual & Entertainment Arts

My older works mostly embrace the female figure, its flow, modesty, and balance.  The reason for a female figure in almost all of my paintings is for me to better emotionally connect to my work.  

In my recent works however, I tend to stay away from figures and instead explore more with the interaction of forms, lines and vivid colors. Every painting of mine begins with a random and spontaneous idea in one inspiring moment; it will then evolve depending on what thrills me next.. It's a very unusual romance!”

Samiramis Houshmand